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What type of gold we purchase ?

Rings Chains & Necklaces Earrings
Coins Charms Pendants
Pins Scrap Gold Nuggets
Gold Bars Dental Gold Diamonds

As the leader industry, we buy all types of gold and silver coins, as always, we will offer you the highest payouts. Types of coins include collectables, Canadian Maple leaf coins, American Eagles as well as coins from around the globe.

Scrap gold is best described as any unused or old item that contains gold including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and even dental gold. For materials that are gold mixed with other materials, will base its prices on the current market value of gold and separate the gold from the other metal contained in the item.

As mentioned previously, is interested in all types of gold contained items, regardless of the condition of the item. Do you have a gold watch that is outdated, broken or has been sitting in your drawer for quite some time? Request your GoldKit today to receive the highest payout from the industry's leading company -

As the value of your gold depends solely on the purity and the weight of the item, we encourage you to sell all of your broken jewelry that you are simply unable to make use out of! is purchase your unwanted SILVER items whether it be silver coins, jewelry or house ware materials. We purchase items with a combination of precious metals such as gold, silver and even diamonds. As always, our refiners will separate the value of each metal and give you the highest possible payout based on the current market value of each material.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, has acquired an expertise in the industry, specializing in diamonds. We will separate the diamonds from the other precious metal and offer the highest possible payouts based on the value of both the gold and diamonds respectively.

Our Appraisers are Gem Institute of America Certified ( GIA )

We are proud of having GIA certified team that will assay all diamonds accurately in order to give you the most for all your type of jewelry and diamonds. does not charge for assay fees or any other fees unlike other companies. We cover all shipping, handling and insurance costs during our transactions.

Why is it the best time to sell your precious metals?

As today's economy is suffering tremendously, the price of gold continues to sky-rocket - on a daily basis. This is the reason that you should wait no longer to get the most out of your unwanted or broken precious metal materials for the highest payouts nationwide. Request your GoldKit today and receive FAST cash now.

110% Satisfaction

We will pay you the highest amount of money for your gold with our 110% satisfaction policy that obliges us to give you 10% more than any competitor with a written offer.

How do I know how much my gold is worth?

We do the work!

Payouts are determined by the current market price of precious metals at the time of the assay. We assess gold and silver based on the purity of the item. Not every item has the same purity, for example:

24 kt - 99.99% 14 kt - 58.30%
22 kt - 91.67% 10 kt - 41.67%
18 kt - 75.00% 9 kt - 37.50%
16 kt - 66.67% 8 kt - 33.33%

How to test?

Your materials should all contain a label that indicates the purity of your gold.

The easiest way to test the content of the precious metals would be by using a magnet. If your item holds on to the magnet, it is not gold or silver

If your items does not hold on to it, send it to us, we will make other assays by using gold acids, gold pen and our X-Ray machines.

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