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WE BUY ALL DIAMONDS will purchase all diamonds from the public, stores and pawnbrokers and more. We do not purchase semi-precious stones.

We will make your transaction with us very easy while selling your diamond jewelry to us at a very competitive price rate. We will pay our customers between 70% to 95% of its wholesale value for diamonds. Selling diamonds to us entitles you to cut off the middleman as opposed to jewelry stores and pawnshops that sells them back to us.

Apply, on your right, to receive your FREE Kit by mail. Once you receive it, the only left would be to place the unwanted jewelry in the envelope and send it to us via Canada Post or any other courier. Within less than 24 hours upon receiving your parcel, a cheque will be issued to you.

We appraise diamonds based on the GIA expertise (Gemology Institute of America) since we are GIA graduates.

CLARITY: Is the amount of inclusions, or imperfections that are in the diamond. They can be black dots, bubbles or cracks. The higher amount of imperfections is in the stone, the less pure it is, the less value it has.

CUT: Is the way the diamond has an effect on the brilliance. The better cut it has, the brighter it is due to a number of facets it holds. The brighter it is, the more value it has.

COLOR: Is determined by the effect of the diamond on a light. Colors are graded from “D”, which is colorless, to “Z” that is light yellow. The whiter the stone is, the better value it holds.

Turning diamonds into cash became very easy for all Canadians due to our 3 step process.

Besides checks, we also offer SAME DAY Direct Deposits to bank accounts at NO COST.

DollarsForGoldCanada is proud to be one of the nationals biggest diamond buyer when dealing with the public.

Here are a list of diamonds shapes we purchase :

Round Brilliant
Round Brilliant

We purchase diamond jewelry that can be set in :

  • Diamond Engagement Ring
  • Diamond Earrings
  • Loose diamonds
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Diamond Bracelets
  • Diamond rings
  • Diamond Brooch

Or any other pieces diamond jewelry pieces.

Please note that we do not pay for enhanced diamonds, lab-create diamonds and moissanites.

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